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How To Earn Money With Soccer Gambling?

If you are a serious soccer fan the thought of profiting from your knowledge of the sport has probably entered your mind at least once or twice! But how do you exactly leverage your soccer knowledge to make profitable bets? That is where this guide will come in handy as we are going to break down some strategies and general tips which will put you on the fast track to making cash from soccer gambling. Let’s get started!

Selecting The Right Soccer Wager Type

Not all soccer wager types are made equal! Beginner players often find this out the hard way when they flock to wagers that are unlikely to ever pay off. If you want to be a serious soccer gambler who actually consistently wins cash then you need to stick to the following bets:


There is a reason most professional soccer gamblers frequent the handicap markets; it’s because sportsbooks struggle to set odds and you can often find high value wagers. With a handicap bet a sportsbook will take a team that is predicted to win and deduct them 1 or 2 goals. Then they will offer the same odds for both teams. For example, Man City is playing Norwich City and the Man City has a 1 goal handicap, this means they need to win by at least 2 goals for your bet to win.

Double Chance

Double Chance wagers are the perfect way to significantly boost your win rate percentage and reduce your overall risk. In this bet, you are attempting to predict which team will but if your side happens to draw your bet also wins! For example, if you gamble on West Ham to beat Liverpool and the contest ends 0-0 then you can still cash out your wager. The only downside to this bet is that the odds offered tend to be lower than other wagers but you can just increase your stake size and still walk away with piles of cash!

Analyzing A Soccer Wager

You can’t just make random bets without any research and base your decision process on your emotions. This is a 100% losing strategy that will quickly empty your betting account. If you want to win you need a strategy that allows you to quickly identify winning wagers. Before you make a soccer wager you need to analyze the following factors:

  • Playing style – Certain teams perform better against other teams based on skill and tactics. We like betting on underdogs who have super fast wingers when they are taking on teams with slow defenders.
  • Weather – Some teams really struggle when playing in windy or rainy conditions. We like betting on home teams when it’s raining and they are playing a side that relies on open play to score.
  • Motivation – Before you make a soccer wager make sure the team you are backing is actually ready to play at its best. Motivation is the number 1 reason we don’t like gambling on friendlies!
  • Injuries – You always need to check the current lineups before placing money on a soccer match. You need to adjust your wager if a key player is out with injuries.
  • Current form – Even the best teams go through periods where they are struggling. It is your responsibility to determine if they are just getting unlucky or there are serious issues with the players and coach.
  • If you do in-depth research and look at all of the factors we listed above before you make a bet you will increase your winnings big time!

Protecting Your Bankroll

No soccer gambler wants to go broke but you wouldn’t know that by the way, most gamblers treat their money. Turning yourself into a long term consistent winner requires lots of discipline and it starts with protecting your bankroll. Before you start your gambling journey you need to allocate a portion of the cash that you will use solely for wagering.

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You should think of this money as your capital for your soccer gambling business. If you size your bets too big you will quickly blow through your bankroll and have to find a new hobby. To absorb the volatility of soccer gambling we recommend you bet a maximum of 2% of your bankroll on each game. This means if your bankroll is $1000 your bet size should not exceed $20 for each individual wager. No matter how good you think you are at picking winners in soccer matches if you don’t respect the size of your bankroll you will go broke. Start off small and grow your stake size as your bankroll increases.

Taking Advantage Of Sportsbooks’ Bonuses

Did you know when you sign up to a sportsbook you can claim a lucrative sign up bonus? These bonuses typically come in the form of bonus cash and free bets. To claim these deals you simply have to create an account and deposit and then your bonus will be automatically credited to your account. Gambling sites use these bonuses as part of their marketing strategy to attract new players. These deals can help you to easily win extra cash. Most of these deals are worth $100 to a few hundred dollars if you max out the deposit limit. While this is not bad, the way to earn serious money from these deals is to sign up to multiple sites. If you claim 5 or more sign up bonuses you can easily make $1000!

Keep These Tips In Mind For Your Next Soccer Bet!

Now it is time to put our helpful advice into action! When you gamble on the next soccer match follow every tip we laid out above and trust us you will benefit from a much higher win percentage! Remember to keep track of your progress, not to use multiple wagering strategies at once, and put not more than 3% of your gambling money on a single game.

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