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Avoid The 4 Common Football Gambling Mistakes

Do you have dreams of becoming a professional soccer gambler? Or do you just want to know how to convert your passion for the game into some extra cash? Well with our guide we are going to show you the most common soccer betting mistakes and explain how to avoid them. By following this advice you will substantially increase your win rate! Check them out below:

Not Limiting Your Wager Size

A fast way to go broke is by not placing any limits on your wager size. The first step in soccer gambling is establishing a bankroll, which is funds that you will only use for gambling. Once you have created your bankroll you should size your bets so each wager is worth 1% to 2% of your total bankroll. By being disciplined with your soccer wager size you will be able to handle the volatility and gambling and will avoid going belly up.

Not Wagering At Multiple-Licensed Sportsbooks

Many beginner soccer bettors make the mistake of using an unlicensed sportsbook and only betting at one site. By gambling, at an unlicensed sportsbook, you are increasing your risk of having your money and or your identity stolen. To ensure you have an amazing time when betting on soccer we recommend you stick with licensed operators that have been successfully operating for years. The best sportsbooks are licensed by gaming authorities from the UK, Malta, and Gibraltar.
Another mistake new soccer gamblers make is not using multiple sportsbooks. When you first create an account at a betting site they will typically offer you a range of bonuses including free cash and bets. If you sign up at numerous sportsbooks you can claim these bonuses multiple times and walk away with potentially thousands of extra cash!
Remember, before you register at a sportsbook, compile a list of numerous different options and sign up to the 5 best who are licensed, have a great range of soccer betting markets, and offer lucrative bonuses. If you follow these easy tips you won’t have to worry about being scammed!

Wagering Without Doing Any Research

Too many football gamblers place wagers without a second thought. They let their emotions and their love of a particular team guide their actions. This is obviously a losing strategy and if you do the same you will not be able to consistently win. The only way to outsmart the bookies is to create a strategy where all of your wagers are well researched and backed up by soccer match statistics. To undertake your research you need to review soccer games and find the data relating to the average number of goals scored and conceded, how the goals occurred and who scored them. The more your soccer wagers are based on statistical research the more likely they are to be successful.

Only Making One Style Of Wager

Football wagering markets are so extensive and you make hundreds of different wagers. With so many options, why do most beginner gamblers only make 1X2 or match result wagers? This is because they don’t take the extra time to learn about the other style of wagers and don’t know how to calculate the probability of the bet. If you want to find value in the football betting markets you need to explore untapped markets where the sportsbooks have trouble setting odds. We recommend you try gambling on the total number of goals scored in a match or even the number of corners.

Time To Gamble On Football!

If you avoid these rookie mistakes, you will be shocked at how easy it becomes to win! Start making wagers today to create a nice and reliable income stream for yourself and your family members.

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