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We’re just a few days away from Training Camp. Are you getting psyched? Real, and I mean REAL football is just days away. I never thought I could be more excited for preseason games than I am this year. Is something wrong with me?

In this week’s show:

We start off the show discussing the offensive line and the question that must be asked: Can you run with this line? The Bengals were ranked 28th in rushing a year ago. Was this due to the scheme? The playcalling? The play of the offensive line? The running backs? The lack of a fullback? Orson Charles? What do you think?

Another email we got this week asked us about George Iloka. Though not flashy, he seems to do just do his job and do it well. As Scott said during the show “I can’t recall a time last year where I cursed at the TV for a mistake made by Iloka.” Maybe that’s a good thing? I can’t recall any bonehead plays or missed tackles. Can we upgrade at that safety position or are you satisfied with what you have in Iloka?

With LeBron James returning to Cleveland on Friday, we thought it would be cool to ask which former Bengals would you be ok with welcoming back to play? Corey Dillon? Carl Pickens? Could you forgive Carson Palmer ever? Justin Smith? Jonathan Joseph?

That topic spawned a discussion on the best athletes to ever come from the State of Ohio. The Top 3 list that we came up with was 1. Cy Young 2. Jack Nicklaus 3. LeBron James. We know we left out some pretty big ones, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey, Jr. So, what say you? Who’s the best athlete to come from the state of Ohio?

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This week, Woody and Bull take a look at the Inaugural Frontier League Hall of Fame Class, and hear about how the process to develop the Hall of Fame began.

Here’s what you’ll get in this episode:

Woody and Bull will hear from Gateway Grizzlies General Manager Steve Gomrick on the creation of the Frontier League Hall of Fame, and we’ll hear from Steve Tahsler, the Deputy Commissioner of the Frontier League about the Hall of Fame, and many other topics.

Since the Frontier League All-Star teams have been announced, we’ll also dive into the balloting process, and discuss how everyone votes differently on the topic.

We’ll also hear from the Gateway Grizzlies broadcast team of Sam Leavitt and Adam Young, as they sit down with the Frontier League Players of the Week, Niko Vazquez and Kerry Kelley.

Woody and Bull also set the tone for shows in the weeks to come. First, they’ll discuss the one player that they would have loved to have called games for, and we take another in depth look at the upcoming race during the Frontier League All-Star week between Adam Young and Evansville Otters broadcaster Mike Radomski.

If you’d like to interact with the show, there are a few ways to do. Follow us on Twitter: @InfFrontier, you can like our page on Facebook, and you can email us, at Make sure to send us your questions and comments for the mailbag section next week!


Inside the Jungle – Episode 153 – Who is More Important?

July 10, 2014

You know the Bengals are doing things right when on a July night in the middle of the summer, we can spend 60 minutes nitpicking the Bengals roster and their upcoming season. Sometimes I find myself forgetting that this team has been to three straight postseasons. Maybe that’s because all 3 of those appearances have […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 6 – Are We There Yet?

July 3, 2014

This week, Bull and Woody discuss the 2014 Frontier League All-Star Game, and some the longest games in their broadcasting careers. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: Long games, they are every broadcaster’s nightmare! Woody and Bull will share some of their horror stories from broadcasting those seemingly never ending contests. We’ll also hear […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 152 – The Brat is Back!

July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July everyone! I know it’s a few days early but I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! On this week’s show we discuss the re-hiring of Bob Bratkowski by the Bengals. We also dig deeper into the QB rankings that ESPN released this week. In this week’s show: In case […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 151 – Bengals Ring of Honor?

June 26, 2014

This week on the show the guys discuss the linebackers and the excitement surrounding the return of Emmanuel Lamur. We also discuss some of the players we feel may have a breakout season in 2014. We ended the night discussing a Bengals Hall of Fame/Ring of Honor. Why don’t the Bengals have one? Should they […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 5 – Rule of Thirds

June 25, 2014

Now that we’re a third of the way through the Frontier League season, Bull and Woody take a look back at each division and how things are shaping up just over 30 games into the season. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: We’ll hear from Greg Halbleib, voice of the Normal Cornbelters, who swept […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 150 – Gotta Love the Passion

June 19, 2014

150 episodes! I am honestly shocked and amazed that this show continues to grow each and every week. Folks like you who download this show each week, folks like you who call in or tune in on Wednesday nights just make this an absolute blast to produce. From all of us on the show at […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 4 – Unwritten Rules

June 18, 2014

Coming up on this week’s show, Woody and Bull will discuss baseball brawls, which coincide with their discussion on baseball’s unwritten rules. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: We’ll start the show by congratulating this week’s Frontier League Players of the week. River City Rascals radio voice, Jordan Shaheen sits down with the Frontier […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 149 – 2014 Taste of the NFL

June 12, 2014

In 2013 we celebrated episode 100 of this podcast by sending our very own Whodeyfans down to Paul Brown Stadium for the Taste of the NFL. Well, Katie Blackburn invited him I should say. It’s that time of year again and Wednesday night marked the 2014 version of the event. Once again our very own […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 3 – Promotions and Travel

June 10, 2014

This week on the Infinite Frontier, Bull and Woody review the Players of the week, take questions on our first mailbag segment, introduce our new player spotlight segment, and then dive into our two big topics of the week, promotions and travel. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: First, we’ll hear from River City […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 148 – QB Contracts and Player Rankings

June 5, 2014

As the calendar flips over to June, it usually marks the starting point for another season of Inside the Jungle. In previous years after the Bengals season would wrap up, we here at the podcast would go our separate ways. But this offseason we made a choice to continue doing the show each and every […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 2 – The Sequel

June 4, 2014

One week after the maiden voyage of the Infinite Frontier, “Woody” and “Bull” take a shot at the sequel. Coming up on this week’s show, we’ll hear from the Frontier League Players of the week, as Normal Radio Announcer Greg Halbleib sits down with Mike Schwartz, and Southern Illinois Radio Announcer Jason Guerette talks with […]

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The Infinite Frontier Podcast – Episode 1 – The Maiden Voyage

June 4, 2014

On the maiden voyage of the Infinite Frontier, Woody and Bull appropriately discuss, their first ever broadcasts, and the butterflies that came along with them. Also on the inaugural show, we’ll discuss incredible comebacks. The timeless game that we love offers come from behind finishes that no other sport can. We’ll hear from Jamie Bennett, […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 147 – Talking About Practice

May 29, 2014

This week at Paul Brown Stadium actual football is being played, well, practiced is more like it. The 2014 Bengals gathered down at the PBS practice fields and weight facilities while one of their marquee players is missing in action. Pro-Bowl tight end Jermaine Gresham is the only player not attending the voluntary workouts. He […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 146 – A Difference of Opinion

May 22, 2014

The Bengals are getting set to kick off their “voluntary” offseason workouts in a few weeks with some fresh faces in new places. We discussed the draft and some of the College Free Agent signings this week with good friend of the show Geoff Hobson from We’re just a few weeks away from REAL […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 145 – Recapping the 2014 Draft

May 15, 2014

Well now that months, and months, and months of waiting for the Draft has finally ended, how do you feel the Bengals did this year? I’ve seen positive reviews all over the place from some of the national pundits. I’ve seen some pretty scathing reviews of this year’s draft as well. I was one of […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 144 – NFL Draft Eve

May 8, 2014

Congrats Bengals fans! You’ve made it! The day has finally come! The NFL Draft will kickoff later today in New York City and the Bengals will be picking 24th. So many variables and possibilities are running through my head. Do they take a cornerback? Do they take a defensive tackle? An offensive tackle? A WR, […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 143 – The Goodberry Perspective

May 1, 2014

We’re almost there Bengals fans! Just 7 more days between now and the biggest night of the offseason. Round 1 of the NFL Draft. As a Bengals fan, this is the time of year we get excited, this has been stripes bread and butter. Every year since 2010 this franchise has drafted better than almost […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 142 – The Schedule Release and LB’s

April 24, 2014

The NFL has come a long way. Do you think the founders of the league would have ever seen the day where the release of THE SCHEDULE would have a primetime slot on televisions in this country? It just goes to show how popular this sport really is. I would bet large sums of money […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 141 – Cornering the Draft

April 17, 2014

We are now 3 weeks away from the biggest night in the NFL offseason, the NFL Draft! How many mock drafts have you read? How many of them do you believe? Will the Bengals take a CB in the first round? How much faith do you put in the Bengals knocking another draft out of […]

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Inside the Jungle – Episode 140 – Playin it Safe

April 10, 2014

Yes, it’s true. Some of you noticed over the past week that the name of the show was changing. We’ve decided to re-brand the show so that it aligns more closely with the CincyJungle website. The podcast will be the same format and still hosted by yours truly (sorry). You’ll still be able to find […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 139 – That’s Tight

March 27, 2014

This week the owners met in Orlando, FL to discuss some of the rules changes at the Owners Meetings. Mike Brown, who rarely gives media interviews these days, had some pretty interesting comments regarding the franchise and the state of their quarterback. If you’re reading between the lines, it sounds as though the Bengals are […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 138 – The Newest Bengal and the WR’s

March 20, 2014

It’s always good when breaking news happens while we’re recording this podcast. Not even one minute into recording the word came out that the Bengals had signed Jason Campbell to a one year deal. Cue the music! That’ll get Bengals fans to settle down about Free Agency right? I hope you can sense my sarcasm. […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 137 – Free Agency and a Visit from our pal Geoff Hobson

March 13, 2014

We hope you enjoyed our bonus episode last night as we talked Day 1 of Free Agency. On this episode of the podcast you’re getting the scoop from Geoff Hobson of Geoff has been on the show many times and brings it every single time. This appearance was no different. Geoff talks about the […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Special Edition – Day 1 AFC North Free Agency Recap

March 11, 2014

Free Agency kicked off today and the Bengals said goodbye to defensive end Michael Johnson who signed a long term deal in Tampa Bay. Also some other signings of note, the Browns have signed Andrew Hawkins to an offer sheet, a 4 year deal worth $12.2 million dollars. Yikes. Tackle Anthony Collins is making his […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 136 – Hitting the Bengals Beat with Paul Dehner

March 6, 2014

Last week it was the combine, this week its all about Free Agency. The Bengals chose not to tag either Anthony Collins or Michael Johnson. Will they sign both? Will both sign elsewhere? If you had to pick only one who would you sign? Those are the kinds of questions Bengals fans are asking today. […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 135 – Reviewing the Combine

February 27, 2014

There is nothing like spending an entire weekend watching a bunch of dudes running around in tight spandex and muscle shirts, jumping, sprinting, lifting. In the words of Anthony Cozensa, “Creepy”. Regardless the NFL Network put on a show this weekend when the annual NFL Scouting Combine took place in Indy. We saw the big […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 49 – Comcast, Curse Words and Cars

February 26, 2014

This week in take 2 the boys chat about Valve’s Anti-Cheat system, Xbox One patches and price cuts. Firefox might be getting some ads on the new tab page. Nokia is making Android phones, and Ford might stop using Microsoft in cars? Comcast and TWC are trying to merge, and Verizon is cutting prices.   […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 134 – Committee of Running Backs

February 20, 2014

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about some potential free agent running backs that will be on the market. We can all dream right? The two running backs for the Bengals in 2013 had an OK season. The Lawfirm and Giovani Bernard combined for 1,451 yards in 2013 but […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 133 – The Left Tackle Conundrum

February 13, 2014

The Bengals face an interesting next few months of the offseason. What do they do with Michael Johnson? What do they do with Anthony Collins? What do they do with Andrew Whitworth? These are the difficult decisions this coaching staff and front office face. I think we’ve all pretty much come to the conclusion that […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 48 – Flapping iPads, Routers and More

February 12, 2014

This week the boys get to deal with a horrible internet connection to talk about how fast SteamOS is moving along. Google finally opens up the Chromecast SDK, and Comcast is sharing your home internet. Looks like Amazon is getting into the gaming space, while Flappy Bird is leaving it. Oh and Microsoft gets a […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 132 – What’s Missing from this Bengals Equation?

February 5, 2014

How about the Subpar Bowl on Sunday night? At least the commercials were good….. So the Broncos didn’t have their best game Sunday night against the Seahawks. If that was a best of 3 series though I wonder which team would prevail. Seattle played one of the best football games I’ve ever seen on Sunday […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 47 – Crushing Candy

January 31, 2014

This week the boys chat about some Microsoft news with Gears Of War and Skydrive. Google sells Motorola, buys Nest, and gets Chrome extensions stuffed with Adware. Last but not least, makes Nick W. very mad when it attacks Indie Developers.   Here’s What You’ll Get in This Week’s Show!!! Gears Are Turning At […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 131 – Top 3 Position Groups Needing Upgrades

January 30, 2014

It’s getting tougher and tougher for me to watch the Super Bowl coverage this week knowing the Bengals had a team that could have been playing on Sunday. Instead I’ll be watching from my couch, chowing down on some chips and dip. I used to have a Super Bowl ritual. I’d go to the store […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 130 – 25 Years is a Long Time

January 22, 2014

Do you remember where you were January 22, 1989? I sure do. I was 2nd grader in Cincinnati, OH watching Joe Montana drive down the field in Super Bowl XXIII. The mental images of John Taylor catching the slant pass in the endzone still hurt. I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. In those 25 […]

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The Irish Impact Podcast – Episode 31 – Recapping the 2013 Irish Season

January 22, 2014

From all of us here at Irish Impact and SPNT we hope that all of you have a great holiday season. It’s been a few weeks since we last got an episode out to you. Christmas, New Years and a trip to Las Vegas kind of got in our way but now that we’ve had […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 46 – We’re Not Net Neutral

January 18, 2014

This week the boys talk a little SimCity with memories of the good old days. We also wonder how Sprint will survive. Nick W. gets mad at the U.S. Court Of Appeals on Net Neutrality. The music is free with new Spotify and Winamp surviving. We also can make our own toys with a 3D […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 129 – Coordinated Changes

January 16, 2014

Well Who-Dey Weekly fans, we heard the feedback LOUD and clear. You want the show to keep going throughout the offseason! It’s feedback like that that helps determine the route we take with this show about our beloved Cincinnati Bengals. So we’ll keep bringing you the weekly show as long as you folks want it. […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 45 – CES

January 10, 2014

This week the boys are back in town and are talking CES. Valve shows us some Steam Machines and Roku is making a TV. Sony shows off it’s streaming gaming service. Intel finally kills the McAfee brand. Apple says it did not work with the NSA. We tell you how to play some classic games […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 128 – The Blame Game

January 9, 2014

Wow, that stunk. Let the offseason commence. This time there were no excuses, no blown out knees for our quarterback, no facing the team in back to back weeks, no playing a team on the road in a dome. No this one showed us a lot. It showed us that Marvin Lewis can’t get it […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Postgame vs Ravens

December 29, 2013

The Bengals capped off an undefeated home schedule in style beating Baltimore 34-17 and eliminated them from the postseason. When the dust finally settled in the AFC, New England won while the Dolphins choked in Miami. All that was left was for Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succup to hit a 41 yard field goal […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 127 – Finish Strong

December 27, 2013

First and foremost we hope EVERYONE had an amazing Christmas with their families this week. The Bengals wrap up their home season when the Ravens visit Paul Brown Stadium this Sunday at 1 pm. There is still the potential that they could finish as the 2 seed in the AFC, there’s also the potential that […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Postgame vs Vikings

December 22, 2013

This Bengals team can now call themselves NFL record holders are tying an NFL mark of 40 or more points in 4 straight home games. The Bengals are in some good company in that group, the 2000 St. Louis Rams are one of the teams they tied, and those teams were great. Not only that, […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 126 – Just Win

December 19, 2013

Despite the Bengals ugly loss Sunday night to the Steelers, believe it or not they still have a chance to win the 2 seed in the AFC playoffs. None of that really matters though unless the Bengals take care of business in the Jungle on Sunday when the Vikings come to town. The Vikings are […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Postgame vs Steelers

December 16, 2013

That was ugly. You can’t dig yourself a 24 point hole and expect to come out winners. Sunday night the Bengals got smacked in the face, literally by a Steelers team with nothing to lose. They played like the team heading into the playoffs. The good news for the Bengals is that they’re still in […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 44 – Next Gen Consoles

December 15, 2013

In this special episode Nick and Nick talk with special guest Chase Nunes about the state of next gen gaming. Nintendo’s fate in the arena is discussed as well as Steam’s changing the scope with the Steam Machine. Of course we also bring up the PS4 and the Xbox One. Special Guest: Chase Nunes of […]

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The Who-Dey Weekly Podcast – Episode 125 – It’s Steelers Week!!!

December 11, 2013

My favorite week of every football season is Steelers week. My 2nd favorite week of every football season? The second time around against the Steelers! Nothing pumps me up more than watching the Black and Orange take on the Steelers. Whether its at Paul Brown Stadium or Hines Field, the games are epic, hard hitting […]

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Thursday Tech Talk – Episode 43 – Whipping the Llama

December 11, 2013

This week the boys will talk about Valve putting down some money to back linux. CyanogenMod installer gets add and taken out of the Google Play Store. Amazon creates the best Cyber Monday ad ever. The llama shall be whipped no more as AOL gets rid of Winamp. There is also a bunch of talk […]

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The Irish Impact Podcast – Episode 30 – The Pinstripe Bowl

December 11, 2013

Well the game didn’t go as we’d hoped out on the farm. Despite the loss to Stanford, the Fighting Irish received a bid to play in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium in New York on Decmeber 28th. It’s amazing in one year to go from playing for the National Championship, to playing […]

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