Episode Five: Fielder is a Tiger and Jorge Says Goodbye

by Scott on January 31, 2012

in The Baseball Experience


Scott laments the timing of the Cecil Fielder signing with Detroit (9 years, 214 million dollars) and talks about the defensive problems the Fielder signing exacerbates. He then talks at length about Jorge Posada’s retirement. Posada- who spent all seventeen years of his baseball career with a Yankee team that usually overlooked his contributions-belongs in the Hall of Fame. He then briefly discusses the 2012 whereabouts of former Astros Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt. Brad, of course, signed with the Nationals (delighting Scott, who can now watch him in person) and Oswalt is, at press time, still unsigned. This, of course, is in spite of the fact that members of the media were trumpeting all week that Roy was “about to sign with the Cardinals” in spite of the fact that the Cards have no room for Oswalt in the rotation. Scott then finally figures out a good signing off line for the show in the future.

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John January 31, 2012 at 10:56 pm

Sorry, but I can’t agree on any level that Jorge Posada deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He probably won’t even make it past one season on the ballot if history is any indication.

Ted Simmons, for my money, was a better player than Jorge Posada by just about any metric, and he lasted precisely one year on the HOF ballot. Bill Freehan was roughly the equivalent of Posada and got like four votes. Hell, THurman Munson had the benefit of playing on some of the great Yankees teams of the 70′s, having his career tragically cut short, and was a better catcher than Posada, and he never got above 15 percent on the ballot. How’s that Bernie Williams Hall of Fame candidacy going? Anyway, as good as those Yankees teams have been the last 15 years, the only guys who were on all of those teams who will ever see their busts in Cooperstown are Rivera and Jeter.

Honestly, when a guy plays his position defensively as poorly as Posada did for 17 years, he really doesn’t deserve entry into the HOF unless he’s Mike Piazza.


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