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Our Sports Podcasts

Inside the Jungle PodcastInside the JungleClick Here To Listen!
Inside the Jungle is a fan podcast devoted to the Cincinnati Bengals over at CincyJungle.com. Nick Seuberling serves as the creator, producer and host of Inside the Jungle. The show has had many guests, including the greatest Bengal of All-Time, Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz. Inside the Jungle has been publishing podcasts since August 2010 and has over 130 episodes in its catalog and is also broadcasting live each and every week at CincyJungle.com.

Inside the Jungle has been a Finalist in the Podcast Awards in the Sports Category in 2011, 2012 and 2013. With listeners in Australia, Sweden, Canada, the UK, Saudi Arabia and more, Inside the Jungle truly has reached a worldwide audience.

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Redleg Weekly PodcastRedleg WeeklyClick Here To Listen!
Redleg Weekly is a podcast for dedicated fans of the Cincinnati Reds. Hosted by David Brehm. Redleg Weekly features weekly banter and special guest interviews as we cover the 2012 season. For more information, check out our blog at Redlegfans.com.

Redleg Weekly debuted in February 2012. If you’d like to get in touch with the show or hosts send them your emails at podcast@redlegfans.com or send them your tweets @redlegweekly. You can also like Redleg Weekly on Facebook at Facebook.com/redlegfans.

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The Baseball ExperienceThe Baseball ExperienceClick Here To Listen!
The Baseball Experience is hosted by Scott Eiland. If you’re looking for some great baseball commentary, look no further! Scott’s passion for podcasting and baseball really comes through on this podcast. For more information about his show, be sure to check out TheBaseballExperience.com. If you’re a baseball fan, this is the podcast for you! Scott’s wealth of knowledge of the game really shows through this podcast. Not to mention, he’s a very humble host who isn’t afraid to get on his soap box, just ask him about Spring Training stats! This is a great baseball podcast and if you’re a fan of the sport, we highly recommend this podcast.

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The Minor League ReportThe Minor League ReportClick Here To Listen!
The Minor League Report is hosted by Jay Burnham, Eric Little and Mike Passanisi and is a podcast devoted to all things Minor League Baseball. From in game promotions to top prospects, MLR is your inside source on life down on the farm.

With decades of experience between these play by play broadcasters, Jay, Eric and Mike bring a fresh perspective on everything Minor League Baseball. From Triple A to Low A, Pensacola to Fresno, Toledo, to Tucson, these guys have you covered! Don’t believe me? Check out The Minor League Report website today and listen to our first show. Email the show at feedback@mlrpodcast.com or send them your tweets @mlrpodcast.

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Red vs RedRed vs RedClick Here To Listen!
Red vs Red is a podcast hosted by two fans of opposing teams. Nick Seuberling is a huge Manchester United fanatic. Mike Smith is a diehard Liverpool supporter. Each week the guys will discuss both teams in 15 minutes intervals, with a half time and the ever dread Fergie Time, a.k.a Stoppage Time.

Red vs Red is recorded every Wednesday at 5 PM eastern time in the U.S. and 10 pm in London. You can watch the live recordings at SPNT.tv/live.

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All American Soccer PodcastAll American Soccer PodcastClick Here To Listen!
The All American Soccer Podcast is hosted by Abram Chamberlain and Hank Alexandre. Hank and Abram know their stuff when it comes to soccer and they do a fantastic job covering the sport in the States. They also do a great job keeping track of the Americans playing football across the pond as well.

Based on an advanced algorithm this is fastest growing American soccer podcast. Don’t believe us? Check the math, but it’s really complicated.

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Irish ImpactThe Irish Impact PodcastClick Here To Listen!
Irish Impact is a podcast hosted by fans of Notre Dame football. Nick Seuberling and Kevin Wernert are both die hard lifelong believers in all things Irish football. Join us each and every Tuesday as we break down Notre Dame football. Irish Impact is an SPNT.tv production.

Irish Impact is recorded every Tuesday night at 9 pm. If you have questions for Nick and Kevin or would like to leave the guys feedback, email them at irishimpact@spnt.tv.

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Unofficial Packers Fan PodcastUnofficial Packers Fan PodcastClick Here To Listen!
The Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast is for and by fans of the 13-time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers. Produced and hosted by Wayne Henderson and Dallon Christensen. This podcast is not yet affiliated with the NFL or the Green Bay Packers. Just sayin.

After listening to this episode of the Unofficial Packers Fan Podcast, if you would take a couple minutes to leave us a review in iTunes, it would rock!

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Infinite FrontierThe Infinite Frontier PodcastClick Here To Listen!
The Infinite Frontier is a podcast devoted to Independent Baseball, particularly the Frontier League. Hosted by Frontier League play-by-play broadcasters Tim Calderwood (Schaumburg Boomers) and Andy “Bull” Barch (Lake Erie Crushers). Each week these guys will bring you the latest news, highlights and more from the Frontier League.

To follow the show on social media, check out the Infinite Frontier podcast Facebook page or follow the Infinite Frontier on Twitter @inffrontier.

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Short Time WrestlingShort Time WrestlingClick Here to Listen!
Hosted by multiple-time national wrestling broadcaster and journalist of the year Jason Bryant, Short Time brings you the most relevant topics in wrestling with news, reviews, previews and interviews with the top names from Olympic-level, college and high school wrestling. Short Time is presented by Flipswrestling.com and is a member of the SPNT.tv podcast network.

To follow Short Time Wrestling, check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/mattalkonline and on Twitter at @mattalkonline or @jasonmbryant.

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Our Entertainment Podcasts

The Ben and Nick ShowThe Ben and Nick ShowClick Here To Listen!
Ben is a 3 year old boy who recently started asking his father if he could record a podcast. This is what happens when you sit a 3 year old down in a recording studio and turn the microphone on. The Ben and Nick Show is an SPNT.tv production. Find out more at The Ben and Nick Show site.

Hosted by 3-year old Benjamin and his dad Nick, The Ben and Nick Show launched in June 2012.

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The Batereid ShowThe Batereid ShowClick Here To Listen!

The Batereid Show is a podcast hosted by Justin Bateman and Stephen Reid. These longtime friends pull no punches as they discuss their lives in graphic detail. Anything could be a topic and NOTHING is off the table. Jump on the wagon and take a wild ride with them. Destination? PODCAST DOMINATION. Check out the show at batereidshow.com you won’t be disappointed. Well, unless you are their mothers.


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The Ohio BeercastThe Ohio BeercastClick Here To Listen!
A winding tour and exploration into the exploding beer & brewing culture in Ohio. Podcast will include discussion from Ron, Kevin & Darrell and interviews of from beer barons, lovers & leaders through out the state of Ohio.

Ohio is The Beer of it all.

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Our Technology Podcasts

Thursday Tech TalkThursday Tech TalkClick Here To Listen!
Thursday Tech Talk is hosted by Nick Wallace, Nick Seuberling and Anthony Ackerman. Each week the guys will look at the biggest headlines in the world of tech and fill you on what to look for when making your newest tech purchase.

Thursday Tech Talk is recorded LIVE each and every Thursday at 9 PM Eastern at SPNT.tv/live.

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STARTStart Talking and Recording TodayClick Here To Listen!
Welcome to Start Talking and Recording Today! This is a podcast where we teach you HOW to podcast. Whether you’re already an advanced podcaster or you’re looking to begin your very first episode, I’m here to help START you on your path to podcasting successs. Hosted by Nick Seuberling.

Hosted by Nick Seuberling, START is recorded every Monday and features tips on podcasting and interviews with some of the biggest names in the podcasting field. Each week Nick puts these podcasters in the hot seat for RAPID FIRE!

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