SPNT Begins Production on Two New Shows

Thursday Tech Talk and Red vs Red are two new podcasts beginning production this week on SPNT.tv.

The Sports Podcasting Entertainment Network (SPNT.tv) is beginning production on two brand new podcasts this week, Red vs Red and Thursday Tech Talk.

Red vs Red is a podcast devoted to Barclays Premier League soccer with a focus more on Liverpool FC and Manchester United. Seubs is a major Manchester United fan and co-host Mike Smith is a die hard Liverpool FC fan currently living just outside of London. The two met a few years ago via Twitter because they share one other passion, Cincinnati Bengals football.

“I couldn’t be more excited to start this show with Mike. There would be times last year during the Premier League season where we could call each other over Skype and talk for hours about that morning’s (or for him, afternoon’s) matches. No joke we would talk for hours. It really just seemed like the perfect idea to start up a show with a passionate fan like Mike.” says Owner/Program Director Nick Seuberling.

Thursday Tech Talk is another show that’s getting a lot of attention from fans of SPNT.tv. Seubs reunites with an old friend from his Nick Eats Toledo days, camera guy and tech guru Nick Wallace. “Nick is an awesome guy and my favorite part about Nick is his passion for podcasts. He told me last week he listens to 30 podcasts!” says Seuberling. “Nick is a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to smartphones, tech, geeky gadget stuff and I’m really looking forward to working with him each week.”

“I’m excited to use my knowledge of tech and finally put it to good use.” says Wallace, a programmer in Nashville, TN. “I’m looking forward to helping users and gamers navigate this constantly changing world of tech.”

Both Red vs Red and Thursday Tech Talk will be recorded live and can be viewed each week at SPNT.tv/live. The shows will be released initially on SPNT.tv’s website and will eventually be available on the major podcast directories.

The All American Soccer Podcast is also the newest member of the SPNT Podcast Network. Hosted by Hank and Abram, both are passionate football fans (yes I said football) and bring a great perspective to American soccer. Check out their shows today.

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