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What Are The Best Types Of Football Wagers?

Are you new to football gambling and wondering how to tell the sucker bets from the high value plays? Well, don’t worry because in our simple introduction guide we are going to explain what the 4 most profitable types of soccer bets are! If you commit to only making these wagers you will significantly increase your win percentage.

What Is A Total Corners Wager?

In a total corners wager, you only care about predicting the total number of corners that will occur in a soccer match. Sportsbooks make it easier to predict by turning the wager into an over/under style bet. For example, the bookie may set the line at 13 corners for the entire game and you can take the under if you think there will be fewer corners or the over if you think there will be more. Total corners is a great bet to place as you can quickly analyze the statistics and come up with an accurate prediction and you would be surprised at how often the sportsbooks set incorrect odds.

How Does Asian Handicap Work?

Professional soccer gamblers love the Asian handicap markets. How Asian handicap bets work is that the sportsbook will identify one side as a favorite and then place a negative goal handicap on them. The number of goals is determined by how big of a favorite they are. After placing a handicap on a side it is now an even money soccer match with both sides having the same odds of winning. For example, say Man Utd is taking on Norwich City and the handicap is set at 1.5 if you bet on Man Utd they have to win by 2 goals or more otherwise your bet loses. Asian handicap differs from European handicap due to the fact that the line uses a fraction which prevents draws from occurring.

Is A Winning Margin Gamble Profitable?

Another top wager that many sharp soccer players like making is to predict by how much a side will win by. For example, you could bet on West Ham to beat Arsenal by 2 goals. This type of wager offers very attractive odds and if you know how to analyze statistics you can quickly identify wagers worth making. When making a winning margin gamble you need to study both teams’ defense and attack, the field they are playing on, the motivation of both teams, and then look at the average number of goals each team has been scoring and conceding throughout the season. Once you have concluded this research you are ready to make a wager.

Should You Gamble On Clean Sheets?

Did you know you can bet on a soccer team to not allow a single goal and keep a clean sheet? In the clean sheet markets, you find some super attractive odds with underdogs paying 5 to 1 or sometimes more to keep a high flying team scoreless. We like gambling on underdogs who are playing at home with a strong goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet against top rated teams who have struggled to create many attacking opportunities throughout the season. You should always keep an eye out for strikers who are in poor form especially when they are playing a team with a solid back four. Remember to crunch the numbers before you make this wager to see the historical scores of the teams.

What Are You Waiting For? Time To Gamble!

The next time a big soccer match is happening simply log into your betting account and check out the wagers we have described above. With our in-depth guide and top-notch tips, you will have no problem finding some value soccer wagers to make!

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